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«Life’s a game… Too often we forget that enthusiasm is the only thing that can make our dreams come true. If you don’t dream you can’t be a dreamer. If you’re not a dreamer you’ll never search something new. If you don’t search you’ll never find your dreams’ answers. If you don’t find your dreams you could take someone else’s, but they’ll never be yours. Maybe we’re not even conscious of ourselves, but we must remember that only if we wake up we can dream a better World for all of us.

I’ve decided that Patina Style’s classes will start again next autumn. There’ll be some surprises, like a brand new classes on decoration and a completely renewed Colours’s Workshop that will take you in a magic journey.

I’ve still a lot of thing to learn, luckily I can do it while having fun!

I want to thank who helped me in this creative process and gave me the chance to experience creativity at a new deep level just to discover how interesting is to work with your Souls’ colours.»


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