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Life’s a game… Too often we forgive that enthusiasm is the only thing that can make our dreams come true. If you don’t dream you can’t be a dreamer. If you’re not a dreamer you’ll never search something new. If you don’t search you’ll never find your dreams’ answers. If you don’t find your dreams you could take someone else’s, but they’ll never be yours. Maybe we’re not even conscious of ourselves, but we must remember that only if we wake up we can dream a better World for all of us.

I’ve decided that Patina Style’s classes will start again next autumn. There’ll be some surprises, like a brand new classes on decoration and a completely renewed Colours’s Workshop that will take you in a magic journey.

I’ve still a lot of thing to learn, luckily I can do it while having fun!

I want to thank who helped me in this creative process and gave me the chance to experience creativity at a new deep level just to discover how interesting is to work with your Souls’ colours.

Today I feel the need to share with others the richness that my professional and spiritual knowledge gave me, for this reason I’ve decided to teach classes on the old patina technique. Patina Style classes will accompany you on both a spiritual and professional journey.

Patina Style classes’ philosophy 


Patina Style classes are distinguished by two aspects that I see as fundamental:

  • I’ll teach you all the knowledge that’s the best kept secret of all the traditional craftman’s shops;
  • I’ll help you discover your creativity that will show you your true spiritual essence.

I believe that to discover our virtue in manual activities we need to stop, to bear in mind the present time and to become aware that our body is the only way to discover the real maestro that, from deep inside of ourservels, can make us develop our artistic abilities.



Patina Style classes are meant for everyone and, in particular, for who thinks that being successful and the modern life style could hide the human bounds.

How many of you are imprisoned in a project that is very successful but on the other hand made you ignore every basic human needs?

There’ll be people who had not the possibility to develop a personal idea of dream job, others couldn’t realise their dreams for one reason or another, and there’ll be people who’ll see Patina Style classes as a very unique experience.

In my lifetime I met a lot of people who were unsatisfied by their jobs, and I put myself in this category… I believe that what make us so unfulfilled is not work itself but the way we carry it out.

Feeling in charge of our lives is the beginning of a great adventure!

Where’s Patina Style school?

This magic journey will take place in my Atelier near Florence (Contacts).

In the morning, I’ll try to introduce you to the “listening” of yourself through music and self-consciousness; in this way you’ll understand how heavily our worries make us live in the past or in the future, far away from ourselves.

Our minds will have one goal: to be together in the present.

At the end of the first morning I’ll show you the special products that you’ll use during the class.

I’ll teach you the colours’ magic that will help you during this journey.

Colours are an instrument to know ourselves. Colours are life’s texture and working with them is like being an alchemist… every colour has both a negative and a positive value.

For example, do you know that red as a colour makes your heart beat faster?

It was not by chance that cars’ speedometers use red as a colour to show the speed, and Ferrari is the red car for antonomasia. In Japan’s factories the restrooms’s walls are painted in red to make the workers’ breaks shorter. Blood is red and very often is used to embody war. In the geomancy Rubeus symbol represents the violent anger but red as a colour has also an opposite: Virgin Mary’s veil is red to represent love’s compassion.



The Old patina technique, in both lacquering and in ageing the raw wood, is the best to obtain a perfect harmony between the lights and the shadows of a paint.

This technique is little known, because is a combination of many tricks known only by few workshops; you won’t find anything about old patina on books.

In this class I’ll teach you everything i’ve learned in 26 years of experience on old patina, how to use colours, how to prepare natural glues and so on.

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At the end of every class you’ll receive a certificate of completion

There are 3 simple rules in Patina Style classes:

– Switch off your smartphones and don’t take pictures;

– Live this experience being self conscious;

– Work in silence to find out that this is the only way to start a deeper dialogue with others and yourself.

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