Corso on old patina

Through the years I’ve realized that the peculiarity of the old patina technique is made not only by a mix of woodcraft skills and colors but also by an unity of both of them that’s able to express a strong sentiment.

I recognize to the old patina technique and woodcraft an equal value.

During this class I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned in 26 years of career, like unique materials, the preparation of natural traditional glues, gesso and so on.


Corso Patine Antiche


You’ll learn how to mix gesso and natural glues, how to crack gesso and how to obtain a cracklé effect.

I’ll show you how to prepare the old tempera with eggs to paint your piece of furniture.



During the Corso on patina’s second phase you’ll learn how to create a realistic patina using coffee grounds and husk of nuts, and to focalize your mind on your creativity in order to reach a final result that won’t be in contrast between who you are and what you’re doing.


I don’t have the presumption to disguise new things as old and I don’t want to do that. Patina Style is a key of interpretation made with all my work experience and other deeper things.

Everyone of us has a different hand: I’ll teach you not only techniques and recipes but also I’ll help you to show your singularity.

Only being yourself you’ll realize that you have an immense creativity’s repertoire and you’ll understand the real secret of this job: follow your spontaneous side, your inner child that can express itself only in its freedom.

The secret of every job is strongly connected to your soul’s intimacy and can show itself only through the love that you put in what you’re doing.


Price for the Corso on Patina (4 days) Contacts

Cumulative discounted price for three classes (Corso Base, Corso Intermedio e Corso patine antiche) Contacts

Number of students for class: 4 – 6.

This class will take place from Monday to Thursday or from Thursday to Sunday, it’ll start on the first day at 10 am and it’ll end at 4pm. 24 hours of class. For accommodation I recommend you Locanda di Alberi, beautiful bed and breakfast in the countryside near Borgo San Lorenzo, and Hotel Locanda degli artisti, (if you contact this accommodation facility you’ll have a special offer) a very peculiar accommodation facility right in the town centre.

To confirm your participation you’ll have to pay (for info please Contacts )an advance at the moment of the application, with a bank transfer to this bank account BCC MUGELLO IBAN IT07M0832538160000000110053, SWIFT Code ICRAITR1920, writing your name and the class of your choosing, or you can use this PayPal link.

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